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The Stone Maiden

To get nature’s marvelous wonders into peoples lives so everyone may benefit from their beauty and miraculous metaphysical/healing properties.


   The STONE Maiden carries a large variety of crystals, stones, rocks & minerals, a wonderful array of jewelry, gifts, and accessories for your mystical, mythical & metaphysical purposes or for your personal pleasure.

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Central Arkansas Pagans and Witches

This group was founded as a way to provide a gathering place for like-minded individuals in the Central Arkansas area to come together to explore themselves, expand their social life, and become more spiritually active. We support all spiritual traditions and paths and we welcome the wisdom and knowledge of all members.

The way the group works at the moment is this:

The group has regular social gatherings (that are hosted by the organizers) at Noon on every other Saturday. At these gatherings we socialize and discuss various topics over a meal. These gatherings are a way to get to know people in a safe, mutually respectful, and tolerant environment.

In addition, we have a calendar of events to coordinate group activities. Members are free to just attend but we also encourage fellow members to host their own events (i.e. rituals, classes on specific topics, campouts, etc.)

Welcome to the group, and we hope to see you soon!

Founded in 2009

NOTE: Private address – address listed is for approximate location only.

black bear kindred

Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas is a Heathen tribe based around Little Rock and Conway. We meet monthly in either Conway or Little Rock for public meetups.

Our Kindred:

  • Believes that the worth of those who follow our path is based on their deeds and not their age, ethnicity, gender expression, or family status
  • Actively honors the Goddesses and Gods of pre-Christian Northern Europe who are commonly known as the Aesir and Vanir.
  • Builds ties to our local wights.
  • Honors and remembers our ancestors and their contributions to our family luck.
  • Cultivates frith and fellowship among our kin.
  • Shapes our own tradition. This tradition is based on a foundation of Heathenry but also influenced by our local cultural resources and geographical considerations.
  • Nurtures the emotional, spiritual, and physical growth of our folk.
  • Gives back to our local community as a group and as individuals.

Founding Date 2003

Note: PRIVATE LOCATION: Map/address is the approximate area of this group.

We carry candles, incense, herbs, crystals, books, jewelry and more. It is our pleasure to provide the tools to support our local community making their spiritual journey and healing. We also have services.