Silver Dragon

A Pagan/Wiccan Shop dealing in ALL forms of Paganism and ALL paths. We do not discriminate against any path but don’t push your path upon us. We have all been doing this for long enough to know our paths. We also sell exclusive Hatchet Gear. We are Juggalo Family. We also carry pipes, bubblers, and Hookahs. Please check us out and call in your order.

Broom Closet

Welcome to The Broom Closet, Memphis’ home for Tarot readings, Aura Photography, Reiki sessions, personal growth workshops and metaphysical supplies. Come visit our downtown location and see why we are Memphis’ Leading Metaphysical Shoppe! We have a huge selection of unique globally sourced gemstones, jewelry, statuary, incense and more.

On the website you will find information on our readers, workshop schedules and an online store with the same low prices offered at our Memphis store. What makes The Broom Closet different is our focus on personal service. We will help you find the right tools for the job and even help you blend oils, incense, dress candles or craft spell kits for your personal workings.

The Broom Closet exists to bring authentic, innovative and effective energy healing modalities, the best magickal and metaphysical supplies to Memphis’ alternative spirituality communities, and to provide a safe, accessible space for Memphis’ spiritual seekers. The Broom Closet is a community space as well as a learning center and a retail location; working to give Memphis’s alternative spirituality practitioners a place to openly and safely connect and work together for their own improvement, and for the continual improvement of their communities.

Four of Wands

The name, The Four of Wands, is from a favorite Tarot Card representing joyful surprises coming your way. This card also indicates that contentment is a right, regardless of ethnic, racial, sexual, religious, or cultural background. The traditional image of the card shows a community, which works hard, utilizes all luck thrown their way, and has solid roots. This community understands that life has vicissitudes; therefore, they celebrate admirably when the occasion calls for it. The Four of Wands has an open door policy, and we welcome all to step inside, breathe, and relax. You will find goods, gifts, and events for you to celebrate your unique life. Come by soon!

The logo, a cauldron with plants and magic inside stirred by a wand, evokes the question, “What’s brewing in your cauldron?” A cauldron is a tool that holds almost anything; sometimes our cauldron is full of cold hard things, sometimes it is bubbling over with ecstasy, sometimes it is simmering with expectation; what is brewing in yours? The Four of Wands wants to expand your cauldron’s ingredients, and help on your path of contentment, hard work, and joy.