Silver Dragon

A Pagan/Wiccan Shop dealing in ALL forms of Paganism and ALL paths. We do not discriminate against any path but don’t push your path upon us. We have all been doing this for long enough to know our paths. We also sell exclusive Hatchet Gear. We are Juggalo Family. We also carry pipes, bubblers, and Hookahs. Please check us out and call in your order.


Sirius B Apothecary is bringing simplicity back to Ascension by helping you heal with YOU. Life is not happening to you, it is responding to you. While change is inevitable, growth is simply ascending. Ascension is a metaphysical process; and Sirius B Apothecary looks forward to reminding you that where you focus your attention, is where your attention flows…

Products: Herbs, incense, tarot cards, selenite wands, crystal quartz, Florida water, etc.

Enchanted Elm

Conway’s Metaphysical Shop. Books, Jewelry, Crystals, Pendulums, Essential oils, Gift items, Herbs, Smudging tools, Candles