Black Bear Kindred

Black Bear Kindred of Central Arkansas is a Heathen tribe based around Little Rock and Conway. We meet monthly in either Conway or Little Rock for public meetups.

Our Kindred:

  • Believes that the worth of those who follow our path is based on their deeds and not their age, ethnicity, gender expression, or family status
  • Actively honors the Goddesses and Gods of pre-Christian Northern Europe who are commonly known as the Aesir and Vanir.
  • Builds ties to our local wights.
  • Honors and remembers our ancestors and their contributions to our family luck.
  • Cultivates frith and fellowship among our kin.
  • Shapes our own tradition. This tradition is based on a foundation of Heathenry but also influenced by our local cultural resources and geographical considerations.
  • Nurtures the emotional, spiritual, and physical growth of our folk.
  • Gives back to our local community as a group and as individuals.

Founding Date 2003

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PRIVATE LOCATION: Map/address is the approximate area of this group.

200 Holiday Dr
Maumelle, AR 72113 USA

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