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Moon Witch Sisters

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Moon Witch Sisters

Merry Meet Brothers and Sisters!

I want to take a moment to introduce this group, who we are, and what we are about. We, the founders of this group, are Michelle and Elizabeth. Daughter and Mother yet, soul sisters. We wanted to create a group that was a safe haven for all those who practice witchcraft. Personally we stick more towards Light magick, although there are times when it is not unknown for us to cast a little gray magic. We both believe that what you put out into the Universe is what returns to you three to sevenfold.</div>
It is our hope to offer a platform for those to bring and share their knowledge, diy ideas, books and other such things. I welcome anyone who would like to teach on a specific topic they are passionate about. Here in this group we discuss, practice, and educate each other on subjects such as spells, incantations, rituals, crystals, divination and so much more.</div>
We all come from different walks of life, as well as, different paths. I want there to be respect for each and everyone in this group whether you agree with their path or not. We are here to encourage and learn from one another. There is too much hate and negativity in this world and we would like to share some love, light and positive energy. If you are a baby witch, a mediocre witch, or an advanced witch we are all here to share, learn and become a community that supports one another.

In this group you will find topics such as:

  • Market Monday this is the day you can post to buy/sell any witchy, metaphysical related items you have, services you may provide and other things such as that. It must be left in the comments under the post each Monday.
  • Divination Tuesday - Tuesday’s energy is all about divination. This is the day we do card readings, a general tarot post will be shared, aim your posts on this day more towards divination of any kind, Whether cards, runes or tea leaves. Do sample readings for your fellow members, give tips, tricks and advice. Do you modify your decks? If so, please share!. Without practice how can we grow?
  • DIY Wednesdays - Oh yes you guessed it, Wednesday is all about your creativity. Share your witchy DIY items you have made. Be sure to post what it is, what you need to make it, and the instructions on how to make it. Post videos too! Or a simple post.
  • Good Book Fridays - Friday is all about reading. By reading we educate ourselves. By arming ourselves with knowledge and educating oneself there is no limit to how far you can fly. Use this day to leave reviews on witchy related books that you have read, want to read, or currently reading. Maybe in the future a book club!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our unit section for new teaching series, as well as the older ones there. Take a look under our file section for books available for download as well. Be sure to check Announcements for the rules.


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