By Tiffany Yule. The winter solstice. The longest night. For most of us 2020 has been a long year, full of trials and hardships many of us were not prepared to face. When we think of
Exactly where do these strange superstitions come from, and do any have even the tiniest basis in reality?
We all have friends or family that have their own paths. Do you need a guide to help your muggle friends and family to understand our basics? Try out our little guide.
Are you a writer? Do you have Art Pieces you want the World to see? Arkansas Pagans are searching for content.
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Autumnal Equinox -Mabon
A little voodoo healing ritual for anyone who seeks it.
The Practical Witch's Almanac
This year's printing of The Practical Witch's Almanac was funded by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign and is experiencing a wave of popularity. The classic almanac is in it's 24th year of production and for 2021
Lughnasadh Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas, is Gaelic for "commemoration of Lugh" and is the first harvest of the year. It is often celebrated by the calendar date August 1st or by the moon cycle which
Bee'fly Gardens Custom Floral Head Wreaths
I make these flower crowns and smudge wands One of a kind and custom floral headbands for fairies, bridal parties, Dia de los Muertos, renaissance faires, dress up or just because it's Tuesday! Great fun for
We are qualified Psychics who give accurate Psychic Readings through a range of mediums. We use our Intuition and help from our Spirit  Guides, to offer guidance to all of our clients. We encourage our clients to move in a positive
Arkansas Coven Call
What is the North Door? The North Door has two parts: North Door Study & Exploration group (NDSE) is an open outreach of the North Door coven. Four times a year we hold events, workshops, or
I could write you a ritual, a house blessing, or a simple spell for Imbolc, but .....Read More